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Forks of the Credit

Saturday was busy. We started the day in Woodbridge to look at fabrics for our future couch and chairs. We have already picked out our carpet which is the starting point for everything in our living room. I think we got the couch fabrics down to twoโ€ฆ we are still debating the fabric for the chairs. Regardlessโ€ฆ the overall direction I think will create a very comfortable room. Afterward we had delicious Indian at Bhojan Bhandar Sweets Restaurant. Om nom nom. Then a haircut. Then off to Guelph for an evening of Rock. Yesโ€ฆ my buddy is in a Pixies cover band and they opened the evening. They nailed most of the songs they played and were groovinโ€™. The crowd was pretty curious. Older tattooed punk rockers, university students and one guy stood outโ€ฆ a older man in a red dress with implants. I have no idea what was going on thereโ€ฆ The other band was Deutsche Vision, a Joy Division cover band. They were super tight and played a great set. A bunch of my school friends came to the show. It was great to see them all. It was a late night, we got home at 2.

Today we met my parents for brunch at flapjacks. It was delicious. They just got home from a vacation in the Carolinas so there was a lot to chat about. They continued up to see my sister. We went for a long hike on the Bruce Trail in the beautiful Forks of the Credit area. In the evening I watched the Sabres come up with their biggest win of the season in Carolina. Huzzah! Now Iโ€™m watching a bad Jennifer Aniston movieโ€ฆ the Switch.