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Wednesday is chooseday

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Always the first to die

Always the first to die

tuesday is chooseday
Would you rather:

your best friend overhear you telling somebody else a deep secret about them OR your child overhear you venting your frustrations about your significant other?
The frustrations. People in relationships will get mad at each will scream and shout and should be able to be happy together.

learn an obscure language only spoken by 15 other people on the planet OR be able to guess somebodyโ€™s exact birthdate, just by looking at them?
Both are pretty dumb. I guess the birthday thing. It would be a blast at parties! ๐Ÿ™„

have eyebrows that grow in VERY bushy, daily, no matter how you try to prune them OR make a sound like a tuba whenever you blow your nose?
Nose. It does. GF already mocks it. -smirk-

have a job that makes $200,000 a year, but you only get to see your family once a week for 3 hours OR make just enough to survive from check-to-check, but be able to see your family whenever you want?
check-to-check. I need my personal time and time with my mate. Money could not replace that.

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