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Peeps say what?

Peeps say what?

We hosted Easter this year. My parents and the Oro-Medonte family joined us for a nice afternoon. We watched the Sabres fail to achieve victory bringing great anguish and gloom to the afternoon and sorrow to the evening. The black pall of misery lifted grudgingly as we watched some sappy Kate & William movie. hyperbole over Thanks to my parents who brought dinner and sister for the cookies and of course, bdot, for slaving over hot BBQ to roast peppers and oven to bake a delicious cake. We had the great room looking great as we rolled out our new carpet. Iโ€™ll share photos once the room is complete. I love the atmosphere the carpet creates, the room will be so cozy once it is done.

I felt the Sabresโ€™ chance to advance was in Buffaloโ€ฆ it will be decided tomorrow in Philly. Sabres get back Roy, can he make a difference? Idunno. It may be good I have a concert tomorrow night, not sure I could handle the anxiety. Iโ€™ll tape it and watch it at my own risk afterwards.

Regrettably Bdot is still plagued by the flu or something equally debilitating. Shame to be sick over a long weekend. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

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