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! Boddingtonโ€™s and my new Laptop

Boddingtonโ€™s and my new Laptop

I used to have a Lenovo laptop I used all the time. It must be over seven years old (probably older!). It still runs (!) but the fan is ridiculously loud and the hard drive is stuck in there by duct tape. It was awesome. So when my sister in lawโ€™s husband pointed out where I could score old refurbed Dellโ€™s on ebayโ€ฆ I took a look. Well โ€“ they are selling (what I consider to be) a really good laptop for 15% of the original price. Yes the laptop is old. But it was a top of line laptop 4 years ago worth close to 2K! In the past few years the focus on CPU manufacturers hasnโ€™t been to make their CPUs just faster but more efficient. The laptop has an i5 Intel Chip, the same chip I have in my gaming computer. So the laptop while monstrous by todayโ€™s standard is still plenty powerful enough for most computing needs. Bottom line, Iโ€™m pretty excited to have a solid, useful laptop again.

The laptop is a Dell e6240. Dellโ€™s site says it is โ€œMobile, productive and built to lastโ€ Sure seems like it. Cheap nerdy goodness. ๐Ÿ˜€

We joined McMasterโ€™s energy study to measure our hydro usage. It gives us real time hydro usage data. I expect it should show us some interesting information.