Driving the 400s

June 11, 2006 @ 10:06 pm 🔗 Post Link

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400 North.

400 North.

Friday night I drove up beyond Barrie up the 400 to B.’s sister’s cottage. It was a long drive. Outside of Barrie the 400 North was closed so I was struck in a monster traffic jam for an hour. Apparently there was an accident… but I haven’t been able to find any report of it. I was zonked after that drive and just when to bed after arriving at the cottage. Saturday I helped B.’s brother-in-law set some foundations for a bunkie they intend on putting in later in the summer. It has a wonderful view… should be a great location for it. Saturday afternoon I drove from Barrie to Niagara… it took about 3 hours including a stop for food and gas. I met up with my buddies to watch *the game*. Oilers held on to get back in the series. Huzzah! It is just a start. Game four is still a must win IMHO. But they looked good. I love the Oiler crowd! The singing of O Canada gives me the chills!

After the game we went to Casino Niagara. I hadn’t been to the *new* Casino until last night. Wow…What an ostentatious building. I noticed immediately how different *no smoking* is in an environment. I could actually stand to be at the Casino. One of my buddies is a pretty regular gambler and he played some craps last night and did pretty good. He turned $300 into $960 in about an hour. Sweet! It was a fun night, it is always good to see my buddies. Sunday I pretty much flaked out until I left my parents in Niagara. On the way out of Niagara I was behind a motorcycle… I thought it was neat that he’d wave to ever other motorcyclist he passed. It was like it was a club or something…nearly everyone he waved at waved back. I’ve changed my mind about the 407. Since my accident I’ve become a little more nervous as a driver so having the option to drive on a usually empty 407 is wonderful. I know it is mo’ money but I think the insanity of the QEW and 401 is best avoided if possible. Now to relax and watch some World Cup!