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Drills, needles and the flu returns

June 12, 2008 @ 05:06 pm ๐Ÿ”— Post Link


I hate the dentist

I hate the dentist

Last night I suddenly felt awful. I had a fever of 101.8, very achy, congested, generally in bad shape. I decided to try COLDFX. In the state I was in I was willing to give anything a try. And I *do* feel much better today. Wellโ€ฆ until my dental appointment.

I had a root canal on a wisdom tooth today. What an unpleasant experience. Beyond the pain and discomfort you have a rubber work device jammed into your mouth (this ruins any chance of me ever having a latex fetish) which kept coming undone. Then there were the needles, drills, burning tools, torture toolsโ€ฆ Gah. It actually feels worse now. The procedure took about 1.5 hours at a cost of $1175 bucks. Thank gawd for medical coverage. I hoping all the discomfort Iโ€™m feeling dissipates soon. It is to be expected but now Iโ€™m wondering if something was missed or done incorrectly, or if this is expected discomfort. Hmmm. Root canal = bad. I ended up taking the afternoon off to sleep.

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