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I dream…

May 21, 2004 @ 08:05 pm 🔗 Post Link

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I dream…

I dream…

I don’t often remember my dreams… maybe this is a good thing, when I do.. they are rather odd. I guess that is the point maybe? mmm subconscious unrestricted mind…So I’m in a massive McDonald’s somehow attached or part of a bar called Koolhaus (I think it is a bar in T.O.)… waiting in a very long line… in spite of the size of the place… there is one cashier on and people are getting ornery. It is very dark… and decorated more like a bar than a restaurant. Anyway, I wait and wait…finally my turn. I ask for the Quarter Pounder Meal. The cashier laughs and says they don’t have any… then abruptly says…’next..!’ I’m pushed aside stunned, wondering WTF… The cashier in a nasty voice says ‘you can’t stand there Sir’. Gah. I think I’m better off not remembering my dreams. (or nightmares).

Elsewhere, my sister is racing (cycling) this weekend. I think I will finally be able to see her race. Should be interesting. And take a second to sign the petition to keep Don Cherry. Sure he sometimes sounds like his meds are off a bit… but his passion for hockey and Canada is something to be admired. I think it is great to see. Go here.

Yes. I know the day of the week… but I’ve away from my mail client a few days. So without further ado…my
Wednesday Whatevers for May 19, 2004.

1. Would you want an arranged marriage or choose your own? Why?
This seems like a silly question…I can’t imagine anyone not wanting a say in their mate. An arranged marriage has nothing to do with love or compatibility. Even with high divorce rates and little commitment to marriage. I think it is foolish not to pick your spouse.

2. What would you sacrifice for someone else?
Sacrifice? Hmm, like a baby calf or something? Well… sacrifice is a strong word, but I compromise a fair bit with the people I love, time, choice, preferences, ideas, decisions…there are, of course things I do not compromise, and would never compromise. Such as my beliefs, principles, morals and not getting a sugar cone with my ice cream.

3. Do you think God has a gender? If so, what is it?
God is a woman. (God is a bullet, have mercy on us, everyone…-Concrete Blonde)

Updated: both links are dead.

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