Downtown shopping and dogsMarch 13, 2010 @ 10:03 pm 🔗 Post Linkfriends, tanga Well hello there Godzilla sized half naked woman…?

Well hello there Godzilla sized half naked woman…?

Alex is over this weekend with her dog Dilemma. Having another dog over certainly makes me appreciate the unique and uncharacteristic Vizsla we own. Anyway… we went downtown and B. finally has her ring. It was originally just a Christmas gift but it has certainly evolved into much more. I feel more committed and devoted to her than I ever have. The intention is that the ring is symbolic of this. One day the ring may become an engagement ring. I mean she already has the wedding ring picked out so… Wheels are in motion. Chugga-chugga-whooo! Whooo!

I certainly can appreciate the attraction to diamonds. There really isn’t another gem I’ve seen that becomes so alive under light. It really is a special stone.

We did a bunch of other errands as well. I now can tell the time! I decided to keep the handsome watch I had and today got it sized…for free! It is an impressive timepiece and doesn’t need a battery. It is simple but sophisticated. There were watches that did a lot more… but I wanted a watch with a clean in appearance and comfortable fit. So… I’m very happy with it. Alex treated us to take-out Thai tonight, Mmmm.

Tomorrow we are off to Anita’s for B.’s brother’s birthday.


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