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November 9, 2010 @ 07:11 pm 🔗 Post Link

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B. went to visit a friend on Saturday, so I was a bachelor for a night. It gave me the opportunity for some gratuitous me time : gaming, hockey, movies she won’t watch, beer…and of course housework. 😛 The leaf covered front lawn was becoming a bit of an embarrassment so I bagged them Saturday afternoon. It really isn’t that bad of a job considering how many trees we have. I think I’ve had to bag them twice… they rake up quickly… for a years worth of shade and enjoyment. Speaking of raking of Leafs…It was great to see the lowly Sabres finally win a game… they tied the game with less than a minute left and won in overtime! About time. *smirk* even as bad as the Sabres are, they can still beat the Leafs. Hoping this will be the start of a few wins and get them out of the Eastern Conference cellar.

I loved the extra hour of sleep when we ‘fall back’… it has however made the evenings Gothic Black for my drive home. Even more dramatic is how dark the fields are where I walk the dog. It is a big empty soccer field with trees along one side. When there is no moonlight and no snow, it is quiet and creepy there. We have a head lamp and you can see animal eyes along the borders of the fields in bushes etc.. like I did last night. *shiver* Hopefully they will power at least one of the field’s floodlights during the winter. It wasn’t on last night. The dog didn’t seem to care.

Another Dentist appointment tonight. I expect this one will be brutal. Sigh. I hate the dentist. I think it is by far, my least favourite visit of any professional.

I got rid of the Halloween colours here as well. unsung is now sporting a winter theme. Twitter and blip.fm feeds as well… I’m still trying to get them to update with Ajax… they seem reluctant to cooperate however just like trying to give a cat a pill. Sigh.

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