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bdot has been looking for a tea pot for several years. A few months back she found a potter who made tea pots she liked. She ordered a tea pot. It arrived and was nice but it was a little small and the colours werenโ€™t exactly what she was looking forโ€ฆ Soooo, we trekked up to the potterโ€™s studio today north west of Orangeville. It was a long drive up. First we stopped for a yummy breakfast at my favourite, Flapjacks. Om-nom. I had a meat lovers omelet. The potter herself was away but her husband was very courteous and showed us unique pieces and around the studio. Needless to say there were many beautiful pieces and we came away with an impressive pot and four cups.

We stopped at Boyne Valley Provincial Park to walk the dog. It was our first visit to this park. The Bruce Trail runs through the park and we walked about an hour. It was a nice area, lots of streams, hills and โ€ฆsigh, skunks. Yes, on the way out maybe 5m from th car, Tanga darted at a skunk and got sprayed. Gah. What a mess. I could imagine it being worse, but any spray is a horrible stinky problem to deal with. We used the tried and true recipe of : combine 1 quart hydrogen peroxide, 1/4 cup baking soda and 1 to 2 teaspoons of liquid soap.. Originally we wanted to go to a movie but by the time we got home after driving most of the day and dealing with the dog, we just crashed on the couch. We watched the very odd Worldโ€™s Greatest Dad. It was pretty darkโ€ฆ but I did enjoy it. What is with Robin Williams getting naked all the time? Gah.