Dog Day Sunrise

August 22, 2017 @ 08:08 pm 🔗 Post Link

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Welcome to Muskoka! – (Yes, it is a sh*tty photo.
Took it from the car driving 100+km. 😛

Welcome to Muskoka! – (Yes, it is a sh*tty photo. Took it from the car driving 100+km. 😛

We enjoyed a few days at Barb’s sister’s cottage over the weekend. The weather didn’t fully cooperate. The first two days we had intermittent rain, which has really been the story of the entire Summer. Still, it was nice to get away. Their deck is unbeatable. I read a little bit of Theft by Finding: Diaries (1977-2002) which my S-i-L has at the cottage. David is always an interesting read, his observations and honesty, I always seem to enjoy. In the evenings we had a random movie selection from “storage drive”. One was Punching Henry. I have no idea why it is rating at 91%… 60% seems more accurate. Sure, it had a few laughs, but it most of the time the flow felt very much like a B movie. We changed gears completely the next night to watch Team America. I guess the big laughs really come from the initial watching of this movie. The shock and awe of puppets being crude and nasty. Why still amusing, it didn’t really hold up that well as a film. During the day our walking/biking option was essentially the road to the cottage, which is a fairly narrow, bumping, bug infested mess. That said, we walked it once, then biked it the next day. It is unfortunate that there aren’t any real trails in the area, as it is really scenic. Sunday much of Bill’s family arrived. It was great to see them all, even if for only a few hours. There were dogs aplenty.

One of the main reasons we went to the cottage was to visit with Bdot’s brother. He drove down from the Ottawa area. It was good to see him. He lived with us in Brampton for a while. Since he moved we rarely get to see him. I enjoy talking hockey and tech with him. He is always fun around the fire too.

I guess my expectations for the glorious eclipse weren’t met. I wrongly assumed that if 75% of the Sun was blocked by the Moon, it would be obvious visually. So I watched and really, didn’t notice anything other than it seemed *brighter*. I noticed no eclipsing at all. *shrug* I was in a non-totality area, maybe that was significant? Some of the photos and video I’ve seen however were pretty remarkable.


I’ve been having a brutal time online with my *main* computer for a few weeks. Chrome is *PAINFULLY* slow. Facebook is so slow it is unusable. Small image upload to unsung were timing out, over and over again, on broadband! It was making me apoplectic. First I assumed it was Rogers… but other computers seemed to fine. So then I thought, a virus or Chrome extension… but that didn’t pan out. So, I tried an old USB Wifi stick I had, and everything is back to normal! I guess my network card driver is corrupt? Weird. Hopefully it stays fixed. o_______O


No. It didn’t stay fixed… I had the computer plugged into my *secondary* router. Which is of dubious functionality. Changed it over plug directly into the ISP Router… So far good. SIGH….