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Dirty Washer and Ninebark to the Rescue

June 6, 2009 @ 11:06 pm 🔗 Post Link

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Hot. Hot. Hot.

Hot. Hot. Hot.

We’ve been slowly getting the front garden into shape. Today we finally decided on the main shade shrub, a grouping of Summerwine Ninebark. (I also liked the Coppertina Ninebark but it may not get enough sun so we went with the Summerwine). We also picked out a Sutherland Gold Elderberry shrub for the front garden to contrast the darker Ninebark. I think it looks like Cannibis, hopefully we won’t get raided. It was a long day. We were out most of day hitting: Sears, two Garden Centres, LCBO, Costco, Downey’s Farm Market… Phew!

Yesterday our new Washer and Dryer arrived. To be expected, it was a bit of an ordeal. First, the delivery men *dropped* our new appliances off the end of truck. After they took the box off we noticed the Washer had a massive dent in the back of it. (Not caused by the movers… it looked like it was done by a forklift…) So… Sears agreed to take $300 bucks off. We will keep them, provided there are no functionality issues. So far they have not been any problems but it has only been a day of use. They are the new style front loading machines. B. got sexy candy apple red. Do we need appliances that have a nicer paint job than my car? Heh. They are pretty striking. Back to the drama… Since the appliances were damaged there was some urgency to test them because there are only four in stock if we need to replace it. To test a washer it needs to be leveled. To level it you need the unique LG wrench that ships in the box. Regrettably the wrench left the house with the movers. So we were screwed. *eyeroll* Fortunately we were able to get one from our Sears salesperson today. I pray there are no further issues with them…

B. is in love with both the Ginger and Peanut Butter cookies at Downey’s farm. We both remarked at how little we missed Brampton after spending a day there shopping with all the bustle, congestion and simply rude people. We had a great steak dinner tonight. I tried a new beer with my meal, a Robert Simpson Brewing Company Confederation Amber Ale. I liked it. I googled it and it seems to be rather unpopular. I don’t know why… *shrug* Looks like the Pens are getting smoked tonight. Meh.

It burns! OMG. Tried these chips today. Medium… The website doesn’t lie. These are nasty hot. Habanero is the evil hot that clings to your tongue like an acid and burns for 10-20 minutes. Tasty chips… I think I’d wuss out for mild though…Ha. I found a food disclaimer on the site. LOL!

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