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August 4, 2004 @ 10:08 pm 🔗 Post Link

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Proof of that dinos exist!

Proof of that dinos exist!

Awhile ago I posted an entry with the dino on White Island… I decided to see how the Dino is doing… and behold! he lives! Actually a good capture today too. -smirk-

Gawd…it is going to take Brock a week to print my transcript. Bloody institutions. Sigh…

Update: Dino link updated. The capture link is 404. Added a link with some background.


It is just a rainy day… Going to get my transcript from Brock which should finish my application to Sheridan. I changed the banner a little last night… It is still evolving but it going in the direction you now see. 🙂 Anyway, whatever time.

Wednesday Whatevers
1. In general, do you treat eating as a pleasure or a need?
Usually a need. There goes the stomach… complaining I’m neglecting it again… it isn’t that I don’t enjoy a nice meal… but more often it feels like an interruption of whatever I’m doing. I don’t know how the Italians do 6+ course meals… gawd.

2. What is your opinion on recent low carb craze?
Just another fad to make money and take advantage of people with weight problems. It really is quite sad.

3. Do you wake up when you have to, or do you stall / snooze for longer?
Almost always snooze for longer… I don’t think I sleep enough.

Update: Shadiggy link is dead.

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