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Always the first to die

May 27, 2004 @ 08:05 pm 🔗 Post Link

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Always the first to die

Always the first to die

Here are some of content from the *humour* page relinked…

hehe! For all you role-playing gamer geeks out there (such as myself) I’m sure you can appreciate this little gem. A short .wmv movie entitled Always the First to Die by Coffey Orran (a.k.a. Veni). Only does 1d4… ha ha..ahem. ** Relinked file March 2006.

Update: Hmm. Updated the video to youtube. Don’t think it is the original however, song sounds correct.

formulated a thought

Redesigned the side buttons, page headers and tossed in a background… the ‘humour’ page has been retired. I figured I can just add pics etc. to the blog…. and I have not updated that page in ages so. Bu-Bye.

B. shared some potentially great news… The few remaining brain cells in her slacker husband’s brain miraculously came together today and formulated a thought! And this thought was maybe after 3 years of not replying to contact from b., avoiding her, and deception … maybe he should actually allow her to get divorced! We can only hope this isn’t another ploy of some sort. I’ll believe it went the signature is dry on the divorce papers.

comments added

I’ve added the ability to add comments to the pics in the digital camera section. Enjoy. Spent most of the day coding, my site, the gf’s site and my sister’s site. Phew. Geekalicious. This is curious. I have two computer running off the same internet connection. One computer has XP the other Fedora. They both have MSN (with different users). Often the MSN on the Fedora box will go down and the MSN on the XP will stay on… I wonder if M$ is actually kicking off non-Windows MSN clients… It has happened a few times…

Flames down by one going into the third… Go Flames!

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