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February 18, 2003 @ 11:02 pm ๐Ÿ”— Post Link

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mmm cookies

mmm cookies

After a few frustrating months looking for workโ€ฆ I was happy to start work again today. It appears that I will be part of a great team of people. I expect I will learn a lot and hopefully open many doors for a more permanent full-time job at Brockโ€ฆ *crosses fingers*

The area got hammered with a decent snow stormโ€ฆ thank gawd Iโ€™m driving my parents low-to the ground 10 year old 300,000 km-on-it old-tire drove-off-the-road-last-time-I- drove-it-inโ€ฆโ€™ish!โ€ฆa snow storm car.

Iโ€™m glad (am I really?) that Evan (Joe Millionaire) choose Zora the other choice (Sarah) seemed as fake as wrestling.

Knee high boots rule.

hockey day in Canada

To follow the CBC Hockey Day in Canada a few of my friends and I decided to get together to play some โ€˜road hockeyโ€™. We found a great outdoor court with metal netsโ€ฆ the court was really icyโ€ฆ dangerously so.. but we played anyway. For about 3 hoursโ€ฆ Which is about a months worth of physical activity for me crammed into a tight body crushing few hours. It was a lot of fun in spite of the protests from my body both during and after the game.

After the game we watched the Leafs game and the Vancouver game and enjoyed a beer. Talked. The guitarists played guitar. It was an enjoyable day in Toronto. I think we all agreed we should get together to play again sometime. Nasty ride home at 3 A.M. but nothing like your own bed.

mmm cookies!

Awww. my sister sent me VD cookies. Mmm. What a sweetie.

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