Give me the damn food!

March 5, 2007 @ 09:03 pm ๐Ÿ”— Post Link


Whoโ€™s a pretty dog?

Whoโ€™s a pretty dog?

Another weekend consumed by the Borg. Saturday we ran around trying to find an area rug. (see previous post) Wellโ€ฆ we decided on going for the lighter carpet. Both worked really well within the space for different reasons but ultimately we wanted a more soothing/ relaxed pattern. The brown was sharp but somewhat overpowering. We recently bought some art (Iโ€™ll post photos after they get back from the framers) that we want to be the focal point of the room not the carpet. The animals have already taken over the carpet which will prompt the need for a deterrent. Our cats will not scratch our new wool rug!

Speaking of catsโ€ฆ *Headslap* I tried to pick up some โ€˜prescriptionโ€™ cat food from a Vet Clinic this weekend and it turned bad. I went to a clinic Iโ€™ve never been before and asked for a bag of weight control cat food. The clerk brought it out. Great I thought, this was easy. Then she asked โ€˜Phone number?โ€™. โ€˜For?โ€™ I asked. โ€˜Are you a client here on record?โ€™ โ€˜No. I just want the cat food.โ€™ โ€˜Oh, well it is prescription.โ€™ โ€˜Huh? Itโ€™s cat food.โ€™ โ€˜Which vet are you withโ€™ She ends up calling our catโ€™s Vet and there is *another* cat food on record for tartar care NOT weight control. She asked our Vet for a release for the weight food. No one there can do it โ€“ apparently the doctors were busy. โ€˜Lookโ€™, I said โ€˜I can just get this food somewhere elseโ€ฆ I donโ€™t see the big dealโ€™ โ€˜Well Sir it is against the rulesโ€ฆ.โ€™ The rules? The rules set by the cat food police? Cโ€™mon gimme a break I thought. โ€˜So you canโ€™t give me the food?โ€™ โ€˜No.โ€™ โ€˜OK, Byeโ€ฆ.โ€™ So I drive to another Vet clinic and grab two bags of the same food, pay and leave โ€“ no issues. While I appreciate that the food may be a special blend โ€“ it is still cat food โ€“ give me a break. What a waste of my time.

Sunday I felt pretty run down. I lazed around for most of the morning. The afternoon and evening was mostly housework. It was great to see B. more relaxed this past week. I think her major crunch at work has finally past.