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November 5, 2003 @ 06:11 pm ๐Ÿ”— Post Link

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 sick and crappy

sick and crappy

Yes. Iโ€™m still โ€˜under the weatherโ€™, illing, sick and crappy. This virus is clinging to me like a smell on a skunk sprayed dog (or cat if you prefer). Frankly I thought it was beat but each morningโ€ฆ head fog, coughing, congestion, sneezing, achy body. You know, a flu. I wonder how much extra cash the Kleenex peddlers make from October to February. Hmm. Iโ€™m working from home -hoping- I wonโ€™t have to go up to the University today. Waiting for e-mail to decide my fate.

Damn cat

The cat was meowing for canned (wet) foodโ€ฆ So I walked to the store to get her some. I come home, open a can, put it down for herโ€ฆ andโ€ฆ ~sniff~ ~sniff~ and walks away. Gah. Ingrate. I have no idea now which wet food it is she likes.

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