Snow, Couches and more!

October 14, 2006 @ 11:10 pm ๐Ÿ”— Post Link

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mmm couchs

mmm couchs

You may have noticed the NEW Flash Sabresโ€™ calendar on the top right corner of the blog page has been freezing sporadically the past few days. Iโ€™ve recoded the data arrayโ€ฆ and I think I finally got it beat. It has not froze in v.14. Let me know if you find any oddities with it.

What seems like an eternity ago we picked out couches for the living room. Sears was suppose to deliver them between 5 and 9:30. The guys showed up around 9:10. Judging by how tired the delivery men appeared to be I think they have far too many deliveries in a day. They looked ready to collapse. I thought it was odd how much packing the couches came in. Donโ€™t get me wrong I think it is great they are well protected during the deliveryโ€ฆ but it took us 20 minutes to remove all the plastic, form and tape. To prepare all the plastic, form and tape for recycling pick up easily took my 25 minutesโ€ฆ there was tons of form to be cut down. Anyway, the couches look really sharp and necessitate the need to upgrade other furniture in the room (which now looks dated and out of place). I think once the living room is done it will be a cozy and comfortable room we can enjoy.

It is getting cold! We even had a light snowfall on Thursday. Nothing like the hammering that Buffalo gotโ€ฆ but any notion of warm Indian Summer like weather is gone in my mind. Brr.

I entered a hockey pool run by a brother of a co-worker. So far Iโ€™m not doing bad. *Obviously* it is early, but Iโ€™m holding 3rd at the moment. โ€“grin- Sabres are off to an 4-0 startโ€ฆ 3 wins by shootout. In spite of this Iโ€™m not a big fan of the shootout. Hockey is a team sport and Iโ€™d would prefer to see more Sudden Death overtime than a shootout. Exciting for the fansโ€ฆblah blah, I think it is a bit of a cop out. At least give the boys 20 minutes of sudden death before the shootout.

Various home improvement jobs are marching along. Carpets, toilets, lights, furniture, paintingโ€ฆ phew.