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Uber Couch

June 15, 2011 @ 06:06 pm 🔗 Post Link

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Great room is starting to actually look great.

Great room is starting to actually look great.

The long awaited couch finally arrived! We fought with it a bit to get it in the house… but it ultimately when in. We think it looks great! The great room is coming together with the new paint job! Tweets from game seven Vancouver v. Boston

  • lol Bettmen getting booed loudly! #StanleyCup Cheers #Vancouver
  • FYI – I stop being pro-Bruins at midnight tonight. #Sabres ^_^
  • Happy to see MVP Tim Thomas win the #Cup – always a smile on his face. Congrats #Bruins #NHLPlayoffs
  • hard to get respect for the #NHL when the refereeing is so inconsistent in the most important game…. unreal. Shame nhl! #StanleyCup
  • #Sedins have been invisible so far tonight. #StanleyCup
  • lol – ‘some interesting aromas floating around here’ #CBC broadcast commenting on the party in the plaza in Vancouver… #StanleyCup
  • …and Luongo is getting jeered @ home in game seven. #NHLPlayoffs
  • …and *that* was a worthy penalty?! haha #StanleyCup
  • Indeed! Damn…. RT @NHL: 43 year old Recchi looks 23 on a great rush but couldn’t finish. #VanBos #StanleyCup
  • with the playoffs ending tonight, my anticipation to see what the #Sabres will do in the post-season grows… so many options…
  • Someone should tell the #Canucks they are playing in game seven for the #StanleyCup….
  • Which is funny because weren’t the teams warned with 2m and 10m penalties for post-whistle BS? @aero_aaron: Call it establish the limit.
  • Sure ‘let them play’ but wow… I still don’t think ‘anything goes’. RT @aero_aaron: I figured they’d swallow the whistles for this one.
  • Jesus. Clearly nothing is being called tonight. #NHLPlayoffs once again with embarrassing officiating.
  • I said ‘Go Bruins’ to my Dad and he told me to ‘eat my heart out’. 😦 #StanleyCup
  • New couch finally arrived. It -just- squeaked in the door. Just in time for The Game. 🙂

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