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June 13, 2010 @ 09:06 pm 🔗 Post Link

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Aye! Her heart is black and her sting deep!

Aye! Her heart is black and her sting deep!

Another boyZ weekend has come and gone. I think this is our 4th, maybe 5th weekend. First off 2 nights is no where near enough time… You get one night of rain and everything is condensed. We are hoping to do a few more weekends together, we’ll see. The usual suspects were in attendance, JJ, Captain, Dean, M2SB (a.k.a. MikeMike) and Drew, sadly Nivek couldn’t make it. We met up in Campbellford at one their grocery stores. There is such a camaraderie with my buddies. Within minutes I was laughing more than have in weeks. We know each other so well. We picked on M2SB all weekend for buying cheap-o Cott Cola. There must have been thirty digs at the cola by the end of the weekend. Heh. The first night, as usual, everyone hit the sauce pretty hard. We killed a lot of Rum and beer. The booze took out 3 of 6 in night one. I was hugging porcelain by around 1AM. Joy.

That made Saturday a right off, I think I ate two orange by 6PM. The weather wasn’t great. It would rain then stop. It became sunny and warm (beautiful) as we were leaving today. Sigh. The evenings were spend around the fire (sometimes the big fire) hanging out. We watched a few movies and ate like the carnivores we are. We had bacon with every meal. It was awesome. The weekends are always too short. It would have been nice to stay there a few more days. It felt as if we were just getting into a groove only to have to come home. Some of the weekends highlights (or lowlights, or whatever)… M2SB slipped down the cottage’s wooden stairs in his flip-flops. He seems to injury himself every year. Brutal dude. Somehow… we got onto urban dictionary and looked up a few terms: Hot Carl became a running gag all weekend. *cough* Somethings are best left with elaboration. We put in an extension to JJ’s boat dock. It was surprisingly painless to do. JJ got in a little fishing, didn’t catch anything however. Overall a lot of good fun with long time friends. I’m very happy to have such an outlet.

Watched a few films… IP Man (historical look at a real tale of WWII Japanese occupation in a small Chinese town that fights back), Ong Back II ⭐⭐⭐ – was a little odd at times. Some nice visuals/ lots of great action scenes) and DOA ⭐ – even hot chicks running around in bikinis couldn’t salvage this dud. Half video game, half stereotype overload… disjointed and completely without interest or merit)

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