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February 5, 2005 @ 05:02 pm ๐Ÿ”— Post Link

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Curious day yesterday. After school I was pseudo invited out with the โ€˜guysโ€™ from class but it never turned into anything. B. got some of the yummiest Chicken Roti I have *ever* had. Mmmmm. Iโ€™m developing a love for curry.

Tried *again* to get SuSe installedโ€ฆit finally took. But the network card didnโ€™t config properly (isnโ€™t Novell suppose to know networking?) so instead of tracking that mess down (since the GUI config for the Network wouldnโ€™t even boot..sighโ€ฆ) I tried Fedora Code 3 AGAINโ€ฆ This timeโ€ฆ it seemed to have installed!

Iโ€™ve been playing an old sKooL MMORPG called EUO. It looks like the wonderful Ultima Games circa Ultima IV and V. Great fun.

Update: Heh, EUO is now euotopia.

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