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September 3, 2003 @ 10:09 pm 🔗 Post Link

friends, KK and Sandra, work

AWWwww... *sniff*

AWWwww... *sniff*

WOW! It is not a major surprise, since they seem so great together, and I kinda knew it was in-the-works- but… my friends Kirk and Sandra got engaged I feel you match up well and compliment each other in many ways! 😀 Live long and prosper!

My name is Mud…

ahh yes. Frosh week at Brock… Long ago this would get me excited with dreams of booze, boobies and bands… now however, it just means line-ups and the return to waiting for everything. Today I got a parking place with my shiny happy parking pass! What happens in a week today when school starts? Gah. I’m just becoming more frustrated being here. Which may be being unfair to myself. I took this position because I wasn’t working… And in spite of it not being something in my ‘career field’, I looked at it as an opportunity to try and find stable employment one last time in Niagara… I mean if I couldn’t find a decent job at one of Niagara’s top employers then it is seriously time to broaden the scope. (Which I already have – BTW) I’ve applied to several positions here. I’ve had two interviews. So. I guess I accomplished what I wanted to… To at least try (‘uhhhh, do or do not there is no try’ – which is fine if you are an animated sci-fi character, in reality however things are different)

Admittedly both jobs I interviewed for were decent and I could have enjoyed them but they weren’t web development which is what I’m most interested in. It certainly seems like I keep returning to the same issues in my life over and over again… *Something* needs to be changed. Frankly I’m afraid of relocating to the GTA… but it is beginning to seem like a necessity. I have six months left in this contract then I’ll have zero funds coming in. That pressure is overwhelming… I want to get on with things ‘go forward move ahead, try to detect it, it’s not too late, to whip it. Whip it good’ -Devo But for now… the wheels seem to be spinning once again. Damn mud.

In other news… I’m looking forward… no I’m eagerly anticipating, no waiting with baiting breath, have a deep uncontrollable longing to see B. who will be home *sometime* this week. Absence makes the heart grow fonder? Don’t know wotcha got ’til it’s gone? Damn right…

and plain old damn….just so I could get the triple Van Damn slam in one entry.

and no. I didn’t get the A-V position at Brock. Quel Suprise.

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