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Sex in the City : A Confession

March 28, 2004 @ 06:03 pm 🔗 Post Link

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Sex in the City

Sex in the City

B. has watched the series Sex in the City for quite a while… Naturally she continued to do so after she hooked up with yours truly. Locally it is on late Fridays…around bed time. Sooooo… I initially watched it be with her. After a few weeks I began to understand the characters. I thought they were odd… I really didn’t find any of them overly appealing, but they were funny in a quirky sort of way. SJP’s character was particularly odd. I didn’t like how the show dumped the Russian boyfriend and pooh-poohed Paris in basically one show so she could triumphantly end up with Big back in NY. I thought it was pretty weak, simple and predictable ended to an otherwise curious series. Back to re-runs I guess.

Mutterings ~ Week 60

Pitbull:: Evil
TD:: Touchdown
Carter:: the unstoppable sex machine
Japan:: Camera
50:: four fourty or fight!
Streak:: buttocks
Rifle:: sniper
Trap:: ant
Easter:: egg
Mitt:: catch


For a few weeks now, about every other week, I’ve been playing ball hockey with Nivek and a bunch of people he knows. I’ve really enjoyed it. It is competitive without too much Bravo Sierra. The last few weeks however, somehow, the word got out that we had this lovely little game… and now more guys than expected are showing up and wanting to play. Apparently this is pissing off the original organizers who are now playing much less hockey and having to contend with much more organization. It didn’t bother me overly much until this weekend when Nivek suggested I ask if there was space to play.

Something I’ve had not had to do before… And was told the playing slots are full… I also inquired about playing in September and received a very lukewarm, disappointing response. I’m not sure how they are deciding who gets to play… first come first serve… who ever is the closest friends of the organizer or maybe even eliminating guys based on how they play… I don’t know. I just know it makes me think of high school and not getting picked to play baseball or join in at recess. A feeling I was hoping I would never feel in ‘adulthood’. Anyways… it is interesting how something you enjoy can so easily become corrupted into something you don’t. Sad. sad. sad.

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