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March 2, 2012 @ 09:03 pm ๐Ÿ”— Post Link

Buffalo Sabres, geeky, Windows

West coast magic

West coast magic

It is very rare that I stay up past midnight during the work week. The last two nights were a exhausting exception. The past two nights the Sabres were playing West coast teams, so locally both games started at an eye-reddening 10:30PMโ€ฆ Ugh. The Sabres are in a tight playoff race heading up in the standings with their sights set on 8th place. Additionally the Sabres just acquired a new 2nd (maybe 1st?!!) line centre so I wanted to see him play. Well, apparently a trip out West means it is Millertime! In only the fourth time in Sabres franchise history the team posted back to back shutout wins! Iโ€™m glad I stayed to up watch the return of the Miller miracle โ€“ he has been truly outstanding. Regardless what happens this season, the Sabres have, at least made the end of this disposable season interesting. Playoffs also look possibleโ€ฆ especially now that the Leafs have returned to being the Leafs.

Really big game Monday night against the Jetsโ€ฆ.GO SABRES!

I installed the Microsoft Windows 8 public trialโ€ฆ It is curious, very curious. Comments:
- It has integrated MSN/hotmail into the logon screen
- the default screensaver is much nicer, it reminds me of Android with, clock, big landscape picture and number of e-mail waitingโ€ฆ simple but very effective
- the start screen is a curious bunch of boxes โ€“ not sure I like that as muchโ€ฆ most of the boxes contain useless info
- where the hell did they still my applications?? it took me 5m to find my applications buried in search on the right side? What sense does that make. Fix this.
- the file manager now has MS Office like ribbon along the top. Not sure what I think about this yet.
Has some promiseโ€ฆ The Windows OS is getting better. I actually donโ€™t mind W7. More thoughts later perhaps.

Since we are still sorting out wedding colours we cancelled our meeting this weekend with the invitation designer. Until that is finalized a few things are on hold. Huhโ€ฆ otherwise a pretty quiet weekend.

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