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July 8, 2003 @ 07:07 pm 🔗 Post Link

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evil evil coffee!

evil evil coffee!

changed the wallboard…again… I think this may be decent… it functions now how I initially wanted it too. heh.

Had a short walk and cleared my ‘ead. Thanks for listening B.. Grrlcat says meow.

Update: The is no longer a wallboard on the site.

evil evil coffee!

Note to self: Drinking coffee on an empty stomach is a baaaad idea. -frown- Sooooo tried this morning… between the cat and heat (not to be confused with a cat in heat) I didn’t get much sleep…

’tis the season for monday madness

1. Have you ever used duct tape to “quick-fix” something? If so, what?
I’m sure I have… just don’t recall what…

2. Can you name 5 unique uses for duct tape? (Be nice! Be creative too!) Challenge yourself to try and name some things that other people may not think of.
Bondage, hockey sticks, taping mouths shut, taping heads together, annoying pets

3. Have you found any product that’s a good substitute for duct tape? If so, please share!
Nothing compares to Duct Tape, how dare you…

from June 29/2003
1. In your opinion, what is the perfect daytime temperature; nighttime temperature? While you’re at it, what’s your favorite season?
Hmm… around 25 degrees Celsius – Seasons in order: Winter, Fall, Spring, Summer being last, too hot for me. bleck.

2. Do you think the seasons of the year have anything to do with your mental attitude? Do you tend to get sick more often in any particular season?
yes, with allergies and strong vampirish repulsion from the sun, summer is the worst.

3. Which season do you feel you are more physically active?
…..and one more just for the heck of it…..Spring and Fall… Not too hot.

4. Would you rather have to deal with staying warm or staying cool?
Without question cool.

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