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Home Alone...

Sometimes plans don't happen as expected. We planned on having my Mom over for Christmas dinner but she called with the flu. (She said she feels a bit better now, hours later as I write this) So from a busier day we settled into a very unbusy one. Yes, we spent Christmas together, and it was wonderful. Opened presents, sat around, reheated lasagna for dinner and relaxed with a movie. It was simple but also very satisfying as well. Bdot did do a bit of baking. I was happy to QA all of her work. We do hope to reschedule with my Mom sometime in the near future. We are off to the cottage for a few days, so...



I got some wonderful, thoughtful gifts from my wife. I always do. I got a few new sweaters, a new modern slim wallet (I think I've had the old-man leather wallet for a few decades now so...hello Ridge!), a very nerdy pixel display, a few cool tees, steam money and so much candy my face is already breaking out. The pets all scored stuff too... (they have been all month, yes they had Christmas calendars too!)...We also got some nice gifts from my sister in BC. She made my Ryzen upgrade possible.

The aforementioned movie was the incredible Puss in Boots - The Last Wish. How did we miss this one? The RT reviews gushed about this film and, wow, they weren't kidding. It was easily one of the best animated films I've ever seen. The animation was gorgeous, vibrant and impactful throughout the film. Colourful or dark or single toned, sped up, slowed down... camera angles from all over. Just amazing cinematography. The characters (both good and evil) were animated and voiced very well. The story was fun and the plot never stopped moving. A must see and impressive work of art by Dreamworks. โญโญโญโญยฝ

Our friend BBB's daughter had a boy today. Everyone is healthy and happy. An actual Christmas baby!


I've been listening to the Dungeons of Drakkenheim podcast for, a long time, I've finally finished the first series. It is the live D&D adventures in the lands of Drakkenheim. It was a ton of fun. If such nerdy thing are of interest, check it out here. I guess I just assumed the same characters would continue into season two. They have not. It is a continuation of the same problem but in a different part of the realm with different characters.

We made it to the end of the Crown Season 6. It was a bit of slog at times but always well acted, well shot... just dry. I mean it is the monarchy... *shrug* I'm reading there won't be a season seven. Maybe that is why there was the dramatic long exit of the Queen in the final episode.

Damp dogs

Damp dogs

We did get Snoogu out for a run with her friends today. It rained the entire time. I think the dogs had more fun than the humans.