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Well. It is that time between Christmas and New Year (if youโ€™re lucky enough) to have it off it is usually a pretty slackass time. B. and I want to paint the office. Not sure if weโ€™ll get to it. Something must have fallen on her head. She is letting me pick the paint color. (No not blackโ€ฆ) So far the leading choice is a light purple gray colour.

Yesterday B. and I met with one of the breeders we are trying to pick between. (There are two Viszla breeders we are looking at. Both well qualified. Both having great dogs.) The get together was for one of her older dogs who turned 12. There must have been 10-15 dogs there for the โ€˜partyโ€™. We went for a nice walk. It was good to get some air.

Today we are going over to her sisterโ€™s for a fish fry. Yum.

tuesday is chooseday
would you rather:
never have access to the internet again OR never use a phone again?
Ha. The easiest choice in the world for me. I love the Internet and hate the telephone. Next.

never drive (or be driven) again OR never fly again?
Never fly.

never taste sweet again OR never taste sour again?
Sour? ๐Ÿ˜›

never say the word โ€œtheโ€ OR never say the word โ€œyouโ€?

update: chooseday link is gone.