Champs, finally...

June 9, 2023 @ 05:06 pm πŸ”— Post Link

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Played for the t-shirt - inspected by Sukiyama-san

Played for the t-shirt - inspected by Sukiyama-san

Hmm! We certainly saved our best effort for the final game. I think pretty much everything went our way for a change... we had incredible possession time. The game was close for a period then we just getting some goal separation was that never closed. It ended up as a surprisingly lop sided game against the team that beat us in the same final a few months ago. They were also missing a few key players. It was nice to finally get a t-shirt and win with the teammates I've had for a few years now.

It was another busy weekend for bdot. One full day as a photography second and another at scent trails. She is rightfully exhausted.


LV win the Cup!

LV win the Cup! the Panthers went out with a whimper. How disappointing. The Knights and Jack freaking Eichel are Cup winners. The hockey gawds are relentlessness on Sabres' fans. Congrats to Stone. The team was incredibly dominant in finals. Still F Jack.

Speaking of whimpers... Tr*mp got indicted on even more charges and he took the high road and apologised for letting Americans down...oh no... actually he said he was innocent, called the justice system a farce and witchhunt and called for his nut job base to stand up.... Oh boy... Lock that turd up already..