Ceiling work

October 1, 2006 @ 10:10 pm ๐Ÿ”— Post Link


Creating a home

Creating a home

Yesterday was a long day of home renovations. We repainting the entire living room/hallway ceiling. Ceilings are a bitch. I think next time weโ€™ll pay to have them done. But it is good to have finished that. We have new couches coming in a week so the room will be ready for them. The walls in the living room will also be redone but we can move around wall painting.

As big a task turned out to be the hanging of a chandelier in the hallway leading upstairs. On the ceiling we put the chandelier are three devices that use power. The smoke alarm, light and a ceiling fan. The ceiling fan occupied the space the chandelier had to goโ€ฆ but the switch in the stairway operated the light. Soooโ€ฆ. the wiring was a major mess. A friend attempted to get the chandelier wires operating off the switch but was unsuccessfulโ€ฆ and made matters worse somehow as the circuit breaker popped as soon as it was turned on. Joy. I admit wiring and electricity is all Greek to me. B. has a friend who is an electrician who gave us (what turned out to be) the right direction to fix the problem. The friend that tried to setup the wiring in the morning returned in the evening (with another friend)โ€ฆ After yours truly sorted out the wiring by creeping around in the attic we finally understood what was going on with the ceiling sockets. The socket with the fan seemed to be added in afterwards with little careโ€ฆ so with some rewiring the light socket was closed off and the fan was now working off the switch. The chandelier looks impressive imho. I think Iโ€™m fond of brushed nickel it looks clean and modern.

We rewarded ourselves with some Chinese take out. They butched the order upโ€ฆ but I was far to tired to return and complain. Bah. It was good tho. Ended the evening playing NWN with a buddy online.