Great Canadian Weekend

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Lovely Summer Sky โ€“ Iโ€™ll look at this in February

Lovely Summer Sky โ€“ Iโ€™ll look at this in February

The weather has been pretty crazy the past week. Caledon actually had a tornado warning earlier in the week and there have been several nasty storms. Coming home Friday I saw trees down across King Road (a busy secondary East-West road in Caledon) and past through a nasty rain storm. Iโ€™m not sure how common historically this type of weather is, but it seem odd to me. Since the weather has finally dropped under the 30s on Saturday we planned on going golfing. However, the phone rang and we were invited last minute to a BBQ. So we finished the housework, which included clearing another room for flooring, then decided to head to Buck and Bonnies. We arrived mid-afternoon and there was already another couple there David and Vicky and kids playing everywhere. The afternoon was contact crocket, beers, good conversation, swimming and steaks the evening descending into trouble as the board games came outโ€ฆ Apples to Apples was okay but Men versus Women pictionary was a bad thing that has evermore been banned. Shots of Krakken rum and Patron tequila likely did not help matters either. It was a fun night. The adults did not behave themselves. I wonder what Buckโ€™s eldestโ€™s BF was thinking when he wandering into the evening. *smirk* A big thank you to B & B for having us over and for the wonderful food and hospitality.

Sunday started off slowlyโ€ฆ*cough* We still had errands to deal with and we planned for a โ€˜wet testโ€™ of one of the hottubs we are looking at. So we drove down to Etobicokeโ€ฆ I guess it slipped the mind of the staff to call and tell us the power was out and therefore the tubs werenโ€™t usable to test. Awesome. So we left early from the pool and ended up driving down to the spa dealership for no reason. Awesome. We tried to make the most of the visit anyway and sat in a bunch of empty tubs. The question is really down to whether or not we want lounge seats or not and the size of the tub to get. The choices seem to be down to The Spirit or The Resort. Since just the two of us will be using the โ€˜tubโ€™ most of the time Iโ€™m leaning toward the smaller Spirit. It has two great therapeutic chairs and you could squeeze four people in if you had to. The Resort also has some great seats and would be better for entertaining as it is noticeably roomier. We shall see. We will try to reschedule the โ€˜wet testโ€™ for Friday.

Reno update! Tile goes in today! and maybe hardwood by the end of the week! Woo!

Holidays in T-Minus five days and countingโ€ฆ