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Happy 141st!

I guess I’ve been a neglectful blogger. I’ve been busy! Last week at work had many deliverables going out. There were many late nights. I think I know everyone’s Swiss Chalet order by heart. Hmpt. But I did get some positive feedback from my worst client. She is old school, ridiculously detail oriented and wants expects everything done her way. After all, she has been doing this for six ten years. *Cough* So the team and I have been sweating her reaction to schedule we made for her art approvals. Well… I nearly fell off my chair when I read the e-mail stating we sent her a ‘great schedule’. Phew. It is hard enough to quantify when I’m doing well at my job so little things like this do mean a lot to me. Hopefully the ‘late night’ project will end next week.

Friday night we went out for dinner at an Italian Restaurant in Brampton. A new place near Mayfield and Hwy 10. It was fairly pricey. The food was good but the portions were rather light. We went with some older friends Kelly and Doris who share a love of Vizslas with us.

B. and I spent most of the weekend at Glouster Pool, her sister’s Cottage. It was okay. The cottage is small and the weather had us in and out most of the time. People really do need their space in order to relax IMHO. On the way back we stopped in to see my sister and Brother in Law. We went for a nice hike in Barrie’s Sport Complex area. The space is huge. It had a bunch of baseball diamonds, soccer fields, hiking trails… an impressive complex that I’m sure the locals take full advantage of. After the walk we stuff ourselves with delicious BBQ. We took a leisurely pace home passing through some small towns between Barrie and Bolton. Whoa. We found some very upscale neighbourhoods around Palgrave and Cedar Mills. Perhaps one day. We couldn’t resist stopping in Bolton for Vanilla shakes. I’m looking forward to moving. I think I will enjoy Bolton and the surrounding area.

I was hoping Germany would win the Euro Cup, but it wasn’t meant to be. My support has been the kiss of death this tournament. *frown*

Happy Canada day! 🇨🇦