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Digital Camera coding

July 16, 2003 @ 07:07 pm 🔗 Post Link

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Well… after a long day of coding… the d-cam page was updated….It may not look very different… but the backend was completely recoded and now works with MySQL. So adding new picture sets just got much easier…So… I guess I need a digital camera now… (it has been on the *wish* list for a year now) I think I may get one Friday. Canon or Nikon… Willing to drop some coin as this is something I know I’ll enjoy… And it is already tied into unsung. 🙂 Now um… work?

Updated: This section is no longer on the site.

little gfx! oh boy!

As I’ve been surfing I have often come across those little graphics (usually along the left column) on various sites. With some direction from Dreaming In Denmark I’ve added my own! 🙂 Enjoy. The Steal This is a link to the source.


well… in case you don’t know – you will if you come to Brock… There is STILL a parking problem here. Yes… there are building a massive lot (in Thorold a nice walk away which should be ready for PAID parking in SEPTEMBER) but for now… for Staff and Summer students Brock’s embarrassing Parking situation continues. Oivey. Free parking was just too good to be true I guess. Sigh….. Always about the $ isn’t it.

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