Cake is awesomeNovember 29, 2009 @ 08:11 pm ๐Ÿ”— Post Linkfriends, pets Another wicked shirt from Threadless with evidence that cake truly is awesome

Another wicked shirt from Threadless with evidence that cake truly is awesome

It was another busy weekend. Saturday we had two of my buddies and their spouses and kids come up for a get together. Pat and Joe are friends Iโ€™ve known for decades. We donโ€™t see each other as much as we would like, but it is always great to see them. We decided to try the local โ€˜wingsโ€™ place for dinner. It was pretty decent. The wings were goodโ€ฆ the appetizers were pretty average. Most of the evening was spent talking while Joeโ€™s kids played Wii or XBox360. It was good to have them entertained otherwise they would be rather bratty. Barb decided to try her luck in baking once again and this time hit some major paydirt. She made me a delicious Mocha Angel Food Cake dessert. It is simply marvelous. It has knocked the Skor cake off the top shelf. (The usual birthday cake) Pat and Jenn stayed a little longer into the evening. It was nice that they did as we talked a lot more as a cozy foursome.

We did a little running around today. B. visited a few Maker stores. I finally got my PCF bank card chip issue resolved. The clerk today seemed much more competent and actually knew about the situation and how it had to be resolved. My gawd it was annoying not being able to use debit for a transaction. We acquired two more dogs for this week. Brian is away for business in Mexico for a week so we got two more girls, Ellie and Independent. The house is going to explode with all the estrogen nowโ€ฆ