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Close to geek overload here. Phew. Time for a meme break. Wednesday Whatevers March 23, 2005

1. Are emotions controllable and why?
Isnโ€™t the point of emotions to *not* control them. You might be able to control the physical response to an emotion, but the emotion is still there. Stifled or notโ€ฆ

2. What do you want named after you when you are dead?
Something usefulโ€ฆ A park, a bridge, a road, a nation.

3. What is the most important standard you live by (political, social, religious, etc)?
Without question I try to live by my own personal standard. My personal standard is influenced by *basic* Christian beliefs (do unto othersโ€ฆ, donโ€™t be an asshat) and a strong sense of fairness. Most issues I however think on an individual rights basis. I think an individual should always be able to decide their actions. Not government, religion or culture.

Update: Link is dead.

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