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Tanga and McCarsten Lake

Last Thursday was a long day as my co-workers and I hosted an event for over 700 women. It was opportunity for high-school girls to hear some career stories from women in various fields. The keynote speaker was Fashion Televisionโ€™s (and New formerly the New Music showโ€™s) Jeanne Beker. She has lived quite a life. She was an entertaining speaker and quite down to earth. The girls loved her, she stayed for close to an hour after the event signing autographs. The emcee was CityTvโ€™s Pooja Honda. She was an impressive emcee, funny, intelligent, insightful โ€“ I thought she connected the various segments of the event flawlessly. I think I got home around 1:30AMโ€ฆ Gah.

I was pretty tired last night after Thursdayโ€™s event. I had a very strange, very intense sudden headache last night. It was more intense than anything Iโ€™ve experienced before. Just suddenlyโ€ฆ pain. It lasted about 20m. Bizarre. My neck as very stiff as well. Not sure if that is related.

B. should get her own blog. ๐Ÿ˜›

Since it is suppose to rain tomorrow we got outside today for a long hike. We drove up to Mono Cliffs Provincial Park. It is an awesome park. Tons of side trails, a lake, some lovely vistas. We hiked about 9km around the park. Iโ€™m zonked now, chilling in front of the fireplace watching the Sabres spank the Lightning.