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OSes for all my boxes

August 14, 2003 @ 09:08 pm 🔗 Post Link

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OS upgrade day yesterday for sure. My linux box was upgraded from Redhat 8 to…9, and in a more daring test my W2K box was upped to XP. Both are done, both *seem* happy. After redownloading all three Redhat ISOs it better be. Haven’t really played with either… The XP box is mainly for gaming so i’m hoping XP will run things a little nicer…

Elsewhere in reality… B. and I have decided to truncate our trip Haliburton Forest this weekend due to her dog’s ailing health. Sadly I think the dog is nearing the end of upwards battle against an Immune System attack of some sort…It is awful to see the once peppy, animated, feisty animal lethargic, sickly and sullen… What angers me the most is the reluctance of Vets in Ontario to admit that vaccination shot may have triggered the whole thing. Everything is so uncertain. I hope B. finds a way to make it through this difficult time. The wait and see if the drug works game is nearly unbearable.

Well… the sun is out, the weekend forecast promises to be nice and I’ll have a few nights with B. In the big picture I guess things could be worse.

Update: Forest link still good. (Dec. 2013)

Hydrogen Car?

Interesting story on 60 Minutes about GM’s Hydrogen car… It burns no gas, no oil and emits only clean water. It sounds too good to be true… They expect to release them to the public around 2010 with car costs similar to gas powered cars… Wait and see… very curious indeed.

Hydrogen is the most abundant substance in the universe.

More humidity! Ack! Go away!

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