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October 5, 2006 @ 10:10 pm ๐Ÿ”— Post Link

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Boxed up

Boxed up

Nothing quite like coming into work and the code on the door is changed and all your possessions are in a cardboard box. I picked quite a day to be away from work yesterday. Three people were fired, the president stepped down and there were many team meetings. In spite of the chaos my co-workers thought it would be funny to prank me and put all *my* stuff in a box, although Iโ€™m not fired. Well, not yet anyway. Amusing now I guess but jez what a way to enter work. Sadly I didnโ€™t get a chance to say good bye to my three co-workers who really did box their stuff and lose their jobs. Iโ€™m still a little dazed by this.

We drove up to Collingwood yesterday for the Turkey Day sale. I was a little disappointed. I felt there was more stuff last year. I found a few collared shirts but no boots and the fleece I looked at were still too pricey for me. B. and my sister did pretty well however both finding winter jackets and fleece that they liked. A nice, but long day with them. We had yummy pizzapizza for dinner, some of their gourmet pizzas are really good. We had a Sweet Chili Chicken Thai and Napa Valley pizza, both were very tasty.

We discovered a leak in the ceiling on the main floor washroom a few days ago. Apparently the upstairs toilet is cracked and has been leaking for a few weeks. There is quite a mess. The drywall was decaying and B. pulled a bunch of it down to reveal a black moldy mess. Gawd knows how much all this will cost to repair. So far the quotes have been pretty scary.

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