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June 12, 2004 @ 07:06 pm 🔗 Post Link


Friday is Dirty

Friday is Dirty

Sexy Saturday – Week 61 – Reasons to be unfaithful
Have you ever been sexually unfaithful to your partner or one of your partners?
In spite of a strong desire to do so. I never was.

Or what would have to happen, so that you start being unfaithful to your partner?
Extended neglect of my sexual needs after the issue has been addressed with the partner and they do nothing about it. Penises are evil.

Where does being unfaithful start anyway?
Likely when energy that should be spent on/with your mate goes towards extending a relationship with someone else (usually for the purpose of enticing them to have sex).

…in other words…
A journal writing prompt or “meme”…
Saturday, Jun 12, 2004

Miscellanies are the most popular writers among every people; for it is they who form a communication between the learned and the unlearned, and, as it were, throw a bridge between those two great divisions of the public.
– Isaac D’Israeli, Literary Character of Men of Genius–Miscellanists
(FYI -: mis•cel•la•ny
1 a plural : separate writings collected in one volume b : a collection of writings on various subjects
2 : a mixture of various things
mis•cel•la•nist: a writer of miscellanies)
Sounds like a blogger to me… Likely because bloggers often write in a more colloquial, down to earth manner, that in spite of the often deep introspective nature of their writing it is digestible to a broader audience. The content usually involves day to day affairs that nearly everyone can relate to as well. It is easier to keep an audience when they can relate to what you are saying. Once you have their attention and they are a receptive audience then communication, learning and persuasion can begin.

Friday is Dirty

1. What is the most vivid thing you remember about your day today?
Vivid? I just got up. *Slap*

2. What is the most vivid conversation you’ve had today?
Vivid? I just got up. *Slap*

3. If you had to sum up your day at this very moment, what would you say?
Vivid? I just got up. *Slap*

4. Who played the biggest role in you’re day?
Role? I just got up *Slap*

5. What was the absolute worst part of today?
Worst? I got got up *Slap* Sigh….maybe this would be better LATER in the day……..

You’re starring in a movie! Which celebrity will play…

1. you? Why?
Hmm… Idunno… Maybe Christian Slater… there is a vague resemblance. We are both White… -smirk-

2. your love interest? Why?
Jessica Alba… because it is MY movie. (it has been upgrade to an R rating…) heh.

3. your best friend? Why?
Johnny Depp… he plays some interesting roles…

4. your enemy? Why?
Tim Robbins. Hmm….

5. any family member? Why?
Christina Ricci could play my sister. Heh. Again, it is my movie.

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