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bloody Micro$oft

August 20, 2003 @ 09:08 pm 🔗 Post Link

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So hot.

So hot.

Yes I’m hot, cranky and highly frustrated… I (because I heard it ran more efficiently)+ upgraded 2000 to XP. Which, for the most part went OK… Some programs however, refused to work. That wasn’t so bad… Upgrading to SP1 however was. The upgrade caused tons of mess everywhere. I no longer can see my start button or taskbar… various buttons don’t respond when clicked… etc. etc… Like WTF. 😛

Of course my Redhat box, which I upgraded at the same time, is up and running fine. I wish I could play games on Linux. I would SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO burn Windoze off my existence.

I’ve always thought I was fairly decent as a partner when it came to thoughtfulness… but for some reason, I have given some gifts that were poorly received. Why do I say this? Well… B.’s birthday is coming up… soon! August 27. I want to find something practical but thoughtful… (ahh, the pressure) but few ideas are coming to mind. Hopefully I’ll be inspired tomorrow. She is off (sniff, sniff) on business for over week so Saturday is really our last day together before she leaves.

hot in the hot tub

I don’t know how Ontario Hydro expects people NOT to use AC as the temperatures in Ontario reach the mid 30s… it is brutally hot. Low key night at home. A little coding a little surfing, a little tv… didn’t feel like doing anything. Gah.

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