Goodbye Wordpress? Hello Grav

August 31, 2023 @ 02:08 pm πŸ”— Post Link


! the future? the future?

I like Wordpress. I do. I think it is great if you have a place you are running it and will never move it... Well, I'm self-hosting so I'm moving it around all the time....And my blog is huge and the export/import tools never work moving data from one system to another. It is painfully bad.

So I've been looking for a CMS that wouldn't require a database. Just PHP and folders. And well, I eventually came across [Grav (Gravity) CMS]( Yeah, the thought of recreating hundreds of entries.... AGAIN is craptastic but at some point either you are in SQL or need to break out... So I'm going to break out and see how it goes...

So far Grav impresses. It was easy to install and get running once the folder permissions we set properlu (of course it needs read/write!)....

I picked up a [Lenovo Yoga X390]( for under $200! It seems like a steal for a 4 core/8 thread system, 1920x1080 touchscree, incredible I/O....


Ahhh... so for some reason the files I was updating then FTPing weren't actually saving... so I was in a confusing loop for a while - not understanding why my changes weren't showing... Anyway - they are! and I'm VERY happy with the template now. The winning template is [striped](