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Can see a future here?

Can see a future here?

Weeks are flying by. Iโ€™m almost at three months with the job. I guess they are keeping me onโ€ฆ they asked me for parking pass information. I guess it isnโ€™t bad. I donโ€™t care for a few things and Iโ€™m still not sure how long Iโ€™d stayโ€ฆ but the people are good, the location is good, Iโ€™m content with the money and there is growth potentialโ€ฆ so Iโ€™ll wait for a bit and see which direction the company goes. I would have no idea. No one tells me anything.

Egads. Iโ€™m single next week. Well, sorta. B. is away the entire week in California! Phew. So Iโ€™m on full time doggie duty. Should be a looooong week.

Iโ€™ve removed the blogrolling sidebar off the site. Most of the blogs were moved to the links section.