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September 8, 2008 @ 06:09 pm ๐Ÿ”— Post Link

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The one nice rose guarding (blocking) the side door

The one nice rose guarding (blocking) the side door

Another weekend gone. B. and I were looking at getting a new bed. It would seem like a simple task. Lay in a bunch of beds until you find one you like and buy it? And that is what we did. Then we got home and started reading about the bed we bought only to find a tons of angry reviews and complains about the bed deforming after a short time after purchase. Yikes! Further reading determine that the nice soft pillow toppers on most modern beds *could* also have this occur. Maybe it was the vocal minority complaining but stillโ€ฆ Any new bed IMHO shouldnโ€™t have issues within the first few years of ownership. So we decided the purchased wasnโ€™t well researched enough and we returned the bed. Now we are leaning towards something with more latex (better for allergies anyway) and weโ€™ll just add our own topper to it. So, no new bed this week. Driving around Vaughan Mills (404 link removed - Jan/24) is insane.

We Spent yesterday evening at my Sisterโ€™s for B.โ€™s birthday dinner. My brother in law cooked up some super tasty steaks and veggie sides culminating in a great dinner enjoyed by everyone.

The rest of the evening was pretty quietโ€ฆ

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