Night of a bazillion stars

August 22, 2006 @ 06:08 pm 🔗 Post Link

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glorious space

glorious space

Ha! Right after I posted my last entry B. found my clip-ons! The seats in her car fold down, some how they fell under the seat area below the seat. Phew. My eyes thank her. B. had one of her old school friends drop by with her two daughters yesterday. The kids seemed to enjoy themselves with the dog and the water. (Although the water was a little cold…) Another one of B.’s friends planned a boat cruise for the evening. (B. grew up in this area she knows a lot of people still here) I decided it would be interesting so I decided to join them. It was suppose to be a good night for seeing stars and meteors. And was it ever. It was a clear, cloudless sky revealing a breathtakingly beautiful sky full of stars and astrological delights. I figure I saw about six shooting stars (how many?), satellites, the Milky Way, tons of constellations… it was just amazing. Something you would never see in Toronto. The cruise was on the Madawaska River on the boat named Maggie II, Captain Dave was a very gracious guide. It was an inspiring night… shame I was so freaking cold.

Thursday was quieter. We chilled out at the cottage most of the day. Early in the evening we went kayaking. Somehow I got a leech on my foot. Gawd leeches are gross. Fortunately it hadn’t began to drink my delicious blood so it came off easily. Blah. The sunset was gorgeous. Sadly I haven’t had the use of my camera the whole week. Somehow my battery charger got mixed up in on of my buddies bags from the Sibbald camping trip. He said he sent it last Friday… it still hasn’t arrived. It is disappointing knowing how many photo ops I’ve missed. Hopefully it will arrive today… the last day it can. We will be rabbit sitting B.’s cousin’s rabbit until Sunday. Of course our fearsome hunting dog is scared of the rabbit (and toads too…) Sigh. Cough.

Being at a cottage in the summer which is on water, of course, during the past several days we were in and out of the water to ‘cool off’. Well… our over protective dog would swim out to you and circle you for minutes on end. She go back to shore then make a bee-line back to whomever was in the water. We nicknamed her the ‘Tanga torpedo’. The dog certainly seemed to enjoy the water everyday.

All good things come to an end… we left Round Lake Sunday and stopped in Peterborough at my parent’s trailer. We didn’t intend on staying but my Mother (who has not seen me for a few weeks – enticed us to stay with Coconut Creme Pie…). Really she didn’t need to twist my rubber arm. It was a nice night with my parents.

I arrived at home to read an e-mail from my sister. Sadly she is moving to Edmonton Alberta with her husband who got a decent job offer there. It is a wonderful part of Canada, but selfishly I wish they would be closer. Now I’ll be lucky to see my sis a few times a year. Oh well , hopefully things will work out well for them out West.