Bauzton alligators

December 1, 2006 @ 06:12 pm ๐Ÿ”— Post Link

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Let's party!

Let's party!

B.โ€™s been in Bauzton (a.k.a. Boston) since Monday so it has been just Daddy and dog all week. Hopefully the dog will remember who she is. She has been quite sucky all week. With B. away Iโ€™ve been very busy at home looking after things. It was also a busy week as work as we were scrambling to meet *another* deadline. I think the worst *appears* to be done for now. We got the product out and the client is -so far- very happy. It is a very visible media brand in the GTA (and Canada) so we are hoping the product explodes.

What is with all this rain. Bleck. Iโ€™m having family up for my birthday tomorrow. Iโ€™m hoping to relax a bit with my Dad.

Talk about a story you couldnโ€™t make upโ€ฆ. Naked Man high on cocaine attacked by alligator (what a shame, article now 404) *slaps forehead* And the Darwin Award goes toโ€ฆ.