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Transformer: Revenge of a bad script

July 12, 2009 @ 04:07 pm 🔗 Post Link

Tour de France, home, Transformers 2

Bela Lugosi day lily…undead undead undead Bela Lugosi’s dead.

Bela Lugosi day lily…undead undead undead Bela Lugosi’s dead.

We’ve been watching the Tour de France this weekend in bed in the mornings. Them boys is crazy. Going down the sides of mountains at 100KM/H no guide rails, drops off cliff side would mean death… and they duck-in and try to go faster. I’d have my breaks on the entire way down. That is some serious balls. The leaders haven’t changed much. Lance is holding his own as the race heads out of the mountains into a few days of flat racing. The countryside they are racing in is beautiful. This year they are broadcasting in HD. It would be great to see the coverage in HD. I’m pretty sure the show (link now 404 but it appears to be here on youtube) Departures which we watch is also shot in HD… it looks so good)

We did a little gardening before we met up my sister, ya remember her? :P, for a short hike in a very buggy Albion Hills Conservation Area. We had a quick BBQ dinner then went out to see Transformers 2. I think it was better than the lowly 19% it currently has on RT but not by a lot. The combat scenes were good but the movie was long and had a lot of annoying filler characters that I found really annoying. What was with the ghetto boyZ Autobots? Worst characters since Jar Jar Binks IMHO. Just ridiculously stereotypical and detracted from any potential authentic Sci-Fi feel the film could have had. The show motion boobie shots of Megan Fox were unreal. I noticed she had to pull her pants up in one scene. *smirk* Anyway, I enjoyed the first movie much more. Overall I’d give the movie ⭐⭐. The gratuitous exploitation of Megan Fox’s hot bod however gets ⭐. One other thing… the rating was PG-13. I saw a lot of younger kids in the audience. Many with their parents. The kids eagerly mimicked the movie dialogue as asshole, shit and fuck were yelled by various characters throughout the film. Was swearing the attempt to cater to the adult portion of the audience? Why not write intelligent interesting characters instead? I wonder what the parents thought as Billy started yelling asshole right after the character said it onscreen. Pretty weak and really didn’t need to be there. We ended up enjoying ice cream after the show. We thought it was going to be closed. Latte Crisp mmm. B. seems to have lucked out with some Banana flavour ice cream, it was yummers too. A decent Saturday for sure.

Now we are debating what to do today. Yard work? Look at garden centres for more flowers for the garden? A bike ride? Or simply chill… Hmm.


Ended up doing some yard work and we went to a really interesting Garden Centre called Plant Paradise. It is like visiting someone’s home that has a bunch of wonderful gardens that you can peruse and they know all the flowers and you can buy them. We found a bunch of day lilies we liked including: Hemerocallis ‘Strawberry Candy’, Veronica Spicata ‘Royal Candles’, Hemerocallis ‘Gordon Biggs’, Lilium Asiatic ‘Tango Lily Cappuccino’. They are going to add some colour to our front garden! I thought it was funny to find a Bela Lugosi day lily there. Awesome. We will get some later for the backyard. Afterwards B. reluctantly went shoe shopping and eventually found two potential options for one of her new outfits. We were out most of the day but it was good spending time together. We didn’t get to the bike ride today…

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