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Bad dog.

Bad dog.

Sunday morning was field training. Having missed last week it was impressive to see Tanga in the field yesterday. She was searching and covering a good area. It was funny when she found the bird. She missed it and went past it then the scent must have hit her she did a 180 in mid-motion right into a point. The judges went wild. -smirk- That was Tanga the goodโ€ฆ

A slow cooked nicely seasoned roast is a beautiful thing. You can plan half a weeks meals around it and enjoy some good eats. That is what we were thinking last night until the momentarily unsupervised roast became the dogโ€™s best meal of the year. Sigh. Now exactly HTF are we suppose to break the dogโ€™s counter surfing now after such a score? Sure she was caught in the act and yelled at but no less than 2 hours later she was back doing the same place counter surfing. There are a few behaviours the dog has I donโ€™t like, and her food behaviours are need the top of the list. I think I see a lot of extra kennel time in her future. I will not have more meals ruins because the dog thinks she can have *our* dinner.

Assembled the desk from Ikea last night. Itโ€™s pretty cool. Added a bunch of useful add-ons. The desk should serve its purpose well in the space we have for it. Also finished all the Battlestar episodes I haveโ€ฆ