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The B. is back in town!

September 8, 2003 @ 10:09 pm 🔗 Post Link

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my Precious!

my Precious!

Well that blinding flash of happiness must have been another weekend with B.. -checks- Yes, it was. We seem to have crammed a lot into this little weekend. Lots of down time alone for *CENSORED* and *CENSORED*. Phew! Anyways… We drove to Elora on Sunday and walked around (along with tons of others apparently)… Walked in many different antique shops including an amazing ring shop! Whoa! We were both impressed by a special ring forging process called *Mokume Gane which created stunning and unique, natural looking rings… Pepe showed us a lot about the process of creating the rings and how they are forging. Very cool. Who knows. Perhaps one day we will be back. -grin-

My evil plan to addict B. to King’s Egg Fu Young has worked successfully as well. Thanks for a great weekend B.. It is becoming obvious and apparent that we lucked? into something wonderful. Your some kind of wonderful and I’m still smiling… this is such a good thing.

Update: Pepe is gonzo. :/ (Dec. 2013) Links removed.

YYZ to MMMmmmmmm

Huh… so I’m picked up B. at YYZ… The plane landed at 8:30, I arrived at 9… No B. Hmm, a slight customs delay I thought… But by 10 when I still didn’t she her I began to wonder… there were still a lot of people waiting and departees were streaming out, albeit very slowly… finally after much pacing around we found each other. 🙂 apparently there was a massive customs back log. Gah.

Today was a lot of cuddling, Chinese food and some wedding preparations for my cousin Jenn’s wedding. I modelled a bunch of vests, ties and jackets for their viewing pleasure. I think we did OK… we will look fine on the wedding day.

And… 5 months *ding* *ding* with B.. I appreciate you more with each passing day. Smiles abound. Thanks hon. You are #1.

Micro$oft still sucks

I was reading a Zdnet Tech update and came across some info I was unaware of…Windows 2000 support is scheduled to terminate on March 31, 2007. Good grief so… we ALL have to use uber crappy XP with its my way of the highway spyware evil code? Lovely. Linux looks better and better every day. I love my RedHat.

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