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Day of the asshole drivers

May 15, 2008 @ 04:05 pm ๐Ÿ”— Post Link

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Drive safe Toronto!

Drive safe Toronto!

Fortunately my commutes across Toronto have been rather uneventful. Today however was. I was exiting the 401 at Leslie and had to slam on my breaks and swerve to avoid an accident that had just occurred. I was pretty close to rear ending the driver in front of me. Since my accident, however, I have been leaving generous breaking room. It saved me today. Then not a minute later at the light at the bottom of the Leslie ramp some fucktard in 18 wheeler turned in front of me ACROSS my path. WTF! My lane was straight or left turn. The lane beside me to the right is ONLY STRAIGHTโ€ฆ That was ridiculous. Bunch of assholes!

Last night was a bit of circus. One of the dogs we are watching *somehow* ripped a nail off and was bleeding all over. B. took her to a vet to bandage her up. I took her to Oakville (to the ownerโ€™s vet) later that day for supervised monitoring. In case the dog picked at the bandages etc.. Hopefully Indi is ok, she is a nice Vizsla.

Go Penguins! Hopefully the filthy Flyers season ends tonight.

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