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March 3, 2003 @ 10:03 pm 🔗 Post Link

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Sleepy…Sunday pasted by uneventfully. Now that I occasionally work from home… there is always work to do at home. While this is good for banking hours, I now feel compelled to do a little more… one more questionnaire. Until tomorrow.


So I was watching the game (Leafs v. Hurricanes) so I decided to grab a cold one. So? Well… sH won a prize of ‘beers from around the world’ at a conference. She will never drink any of them.. So I thought why not. I’m game. First I tried the Belgium beer Stella Artois. It wasn’t toooooo bad. A bit of an aftertaste but drinkable. Then ack. I tried the German beer Lowenbrau. Bleck! Gawd! It was awful. It tasted like it was fermented with black pepper then left in the sun. I guess I’m used to clean refreshing tasteless Canadian beer.

So that ended my beer adventure. There are a few others in cans I’ll brave on a more ambitious day.


What’s goin’ on? Not too much, just chillin’ at home this weekend. After you do laundry, clean, prepare dinner, empty the dishwasher, all I wanted to do was watch ‘Hockey Night in Canada’…

Had to reinstall this OS (W2K) yesterday… After installing cd-rom burning software (and rebooting) my cd-rom drivers were corrupt and I could not get the cd-rom drives to show. Nice. Thanks! >:I Fortunately it was getting to re-install time anyways….Just gotta love M$ products.

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