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February 3, 2003 @ 05:02 pm ๐Ÿ”— Post Link

Buffalo Sabres, friends, pondering



Feb 3, 3:03 PM EST Businessman Suspends Bid for Sabres
AP Sports Writer

BUFFALO, N.Y. (AP) โ€” A city businessman announced Monday he will suspend his bid to buy the bankrupt Buffalo Sabres.

Speaking at a news conference, Mark Hamister also said partner Todd Berman, president and founder of New York City-based Chartwell Investments, had withdrawn.

โ€œGiven the uncertainty and complexity of the entire process in addition to Chartwellโ€™s decision, I need to step back and reevaluate whether it makes sense to move forward. I will be speaking with my advisers over the next several days as well as with potential new equity partners to determine if I should continue or withdraw all together.โ€

Hamister also said he is not seeking another extension from the NHL.


to the sheep. bahhhhh!

I witnessed a lovely example of human nature today. I was driving with some buds and came up to a railway crossing. There were already many cars waiting but no train. We were too far back to see the tracks in either direction so could not see a train coming either. So naturally we waited. And waited, and waited. It became apparent something was upโ€ฆ All the other cars remained frozenโ€ฆ waited, waitedโ€ฆ nothing. no train. Soโ€ฆ we drove up the oncoming lane towards the railway crossingโ€ฆ nothing in either directionโ€ฆ the warning lights were flashing and the โ€˜stopโ€™ gate was downโ€ฆ but no train anywhere. So, we went. After we were across and down the roadโ€ฆ everyone else (that had been waiting) went across as well. heh. Bahhh!

We did some shopping and came back the same way about half an hour later. Behold! Cars lined up waiting for nothing again. So again we approached the train crossing and again nothing. Again we crossed it and again people started going across after we didโ€ฆ

Humans are funny.

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